Q. What happens if I loose my keys?
A. Please call My Spare Key 1300 697 539 and we will assist you with the appropriate instructions

Q. How do I become a member?
A. Simply visit the website & follow the prompts

Q. What happens if I lock myself out?
A. Pleases call My Spare Key 1300 697 539 a staff member will assist you with the appropriate instructions

Q. When will the App for My Spare Key be up and running?
A. You will be notified by email from My Spare Key

Q. Can I have a second person nominated on my membership ?
A. Yes, as long the second person lives at the same address as you.

Q. What is My Spare Key?
A. My Spare Key, is a secured storage service, that offers you peace of mind, when you lose your keys or lock yourself out.

Q. Is My Spare Key Right for me?
A. My Spare Key is a good idea for anyone who wants” Peace of Mind”
  • Residents living in Building's
  • Airbnb/short stays
  • Real estate agents that don’t have the time, sharing keys with contractors/cleaners
  • Owners corporations
Q. Are my keys Secure?
A. My Spare Key has been designed with security at it's core. We do not compromise on security.

Q. How long will it take to get my keys delivered?
A. You will receive a notification that has a live tracker letting you know how long it will take ( within 40 mins)

Q. How do I give my spare keys to you?
A. When you become a member, you will be notified and a staff member will meet you & pick up your spare key.